Hypochlorous Acid Water (HAW) - 10L

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Hypochlorous Acid Water (HAW) - 10L

Brand: Med 360+

The Med360+ pooky HAW comes with properties that suits well on hygiene management. The Hypochlorous Acid Water (HAW) is a Japanese patented multipurpose solution. Effectively kill germs 99.9% within 15 secounds, no harm to human and pets. Remove odors and kill mites, great for family with pets.

The Med360+ pooky HAW is
1. Odorless: no aromas are added to mask other odors, no wasteful smells remain.
2. Reverts to water: after sanitizing, the HAW dissolves without any residual effect.
3. No additives: no superfluous additives are included.
4. Additional ventilation unnecessary: can be used in areas where people or pets are present.
5. No irritation caused.
6. Effective in dealing allergen as pollen and chemical substances.

It is safe to use HAW indoor as:
- No trihalomethane generated
- Extremely difficult for bacteria to develop resistance
- No neutralizing agent required for disposal or washing

Made in Japan
FDA, JIS, MHLW approved.

Size: 10L