Round Casserole/Oven 26cm - Cobalt

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Since part of the manufacturing process is done by hand, each product is different. When the cookware is enamelled, color unevenness, bubbling and small holes may occur. However, it does not affect performance.

由於部分的製造工序經由人手處理,每件廚具或會出現些微不同。廚具經琺瑯的加工上色製成,或會出現 顏色不均、氣泡和小洞等情況,但絕不影響廚具使用。

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Weight: 5.032 kg
SKU: 024147162544

Round Casserole/Oven 26cm - Cobalt

Heat Soruce: Induction, Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Radiant ring, Oven

Material: Cast Iron

Size: 26cm/ 5.3L

Product Dimensions: Largest Outside : 33.9 x 27.3 x 16.4(cm) ; Inside : 26cm