Météorites X Bernardaud Exclusive Edition - 50ml

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Météorites X Bernardaud Exclusive Edition - 50ml

There are houses that have marked the history of Luxury and embody French excellence in the eyes of the world. Guerlain and Bernardaud are two such examples.

In 2019, Guerlain and Bernardaud are combining their know-how to offer the legendary Météorites pearls the most precious of showcases: a prestige edition crafted in porcelain. These two historic houses not only share a single vision of Luxury, they also have successfully demonstrated an incomparable modernity. For over 150 years, Bernardaud has elevated working with Limoges porcelain to an art form, propelling this “white gold” far beyond tableware. The house has boldly made a name for itself in the world of design. Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain’s creative director, and Bernardaud have combined their talents to jointly fashion a sphere made of genuine Limoges porcelain. In a return to their roots for the Météorites, constellations are outlined in relief on this new object of desire. The Météorites’ best-selling 02 Light shade will delight all aesthetes and devotees of these cult pearls. The pearls’ six skillfully chosen shades even out skin tone and correct skin imperfections with a sheer finish, revive radiance, and set off the complexion with just the right dose of luminosity.

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