Premium Dietary Supplement - 30 caps

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Premium Dietary Supplement - 30 caps

In order to offer the ultimate in anti-aging skincare, the Premium facecare range has drawn inspiration from regenerative medicine, a promising scientific technique that consists in boosting cell regeneration to allow the skin tissue to rebuild itself. Since beauty also comes from within, LIERAC Laboratories are going the extra mile by offering, for the first time, food supplements to be used in combination with the brand’s absolute anti-aging face care range: PREMIUM The Capsules.

For these capsules, LIERAC experts have chosen a unique combination of the best anti-aging active ingredients in just the right amounts. The food supplements are formulated with an encapsulation technology that ensures the highest bioavailability, allowing the body to optimally assimilate the active ingredients for skincare action. High in precious oils, vitamins, and minerals, PREMIUM The Capsules effectively protect the skin from oxidative stress.

Acting both on the inside and the outside is undoubtedly the secret to skin that glows with beauty and is less and less affected by the passing of time. One capsule taken daily, in combination with the exceptional skincare from the PREMIUM range, leaves the face transformed.

The first “In&Out” absolute anti-aging program that offers skin the perfect alchemy by allowing the creams to act on the surface layers of the skin and the capsules to work from within.

1 capsules per day with a glass of water.

Expiry Date: May 2022